Does YouTube TV Have The Cowboy Channel?

As an avid fan of rodeos, horse shows, and Western sports, accessing The Cowboy Channel is important to me.

That’s why I was curious if YouTube TV, one of the most popular live TV streaming services, includes The Cowboy Channel in their channel lineup.

After checking YouTube TV’s available channels, unfortunately, it does not look like The Cowboy Channel is currently offered.

YouTube TV has various other sports, news, and entertainment channels, but no networks specifically geared toward fans of the Western lifestyle.

I did some more digging to find out if The Cowboy Channel could be added to YouTube TV in the future. It seems like fans have been requesting the network for a while now, but there’s no word yet from YouTube TV on plans to add it.

Some key questions rodeo fans may have about accessing The Cowboy Channel on live TV streaming platforms:

Does Hulu Live or Sling TV offer The Cowboy Channel?

Unfortunately, The Cowboy Channel is not currently included with any of the major live TV streaming services like Hulu Live, Sling TV, FuboTV, or Philo.

What are the options for streaming The Cowboy Channel?

As of now, subscribing directly through The Cowboy Channel’s website looks like the only way to get access to their live broadcast and on-demand rodeo and horse content. There are web, Roku, Apple TV, and mobile apps available.

Could The Cowboy Channel still be added to YouTube TV in the future?

There’s still a chance YouTube TV could reach a deal to add The Cowboy Channel if enough fans request it. I recommend that fellow rodeo fans keep requesting the channel so our voices are heard!

More about YouTube TV:


The Cowboy Channel is not yet available on YouTube TV or other major live TV streaming platforms. The best option for streaming right now is subscribing to The Cowboy Channel directly.

But I hope it may get added to YouTube TV someday as demand grows from Western sports fans.

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