Does YouTube TV Include Peacock? – 2024 Update

Does YouTube TV Include Peacock: Peacock is NBCUniversal’s streaming service featuring shows, movies, news, sports, and more from NBC, Bravo, SYFY, Universal Pictures, and other NBCU properties. With Peacock offering some content not available on YouTube TV, many cord-cutters wonder – does YouTube TV include Peacock?

Does YouTube TV Include Peacock?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Unlike some streaming bundles such as Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV does not include Peacock Premium with its regular subscription. Peacock must be purchased separately if you want access through YouTube TV.

This means that to get Peacock’s full catalog on YouTube TV, you’ll need to pay the additional $4.99 per month for Peacock Premium. The free tier of Peacock does allow you to sample a portion of its shows and movies with ads. But Premium is required for complete access.

While it would be ideal to have Peacock bundled into YouTube TV like some competitors offer, the services remain separate for now. Check the FAQs below for more details on integrating Peacock with YouTube TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is Peacock on YouTube TV?

Peacock does not currently have a dedicated live channel on YouTube TV. The only way to integrate Peacock is via the Peacock app on streaming devices that support both apps.

Does Peacock come with YouTube TV?

No, a Peacock subscription is not included with a regular YouTube TV membership. You have to sign up and pay for Peacock Premium separately if you want full Peacock access through YouTube T

Does YouTube TV include Peacock for free?

YouTube TV does not offer Peacock, either the free ad-supported tier or the Premium paid tier, free for YouTube TV members. You must purchase a separate Peacock subscription.

Does YouTube TV include Peacock Premium?

Peacock Premium has to be paid for independently from YouTube TV. There is no bundle or package deal that includes Peacock Premium with a YouTube TV subscription.

Is Peacock free with YouTube TV?

Unfortunately, Peacock is not provided free or at any discounted rate when you subscribe to YouTube TV. The services are not connected in terms of free offerings.,

Peacock YouTube TV

YouTube TV and Peacock are two separate streaming services. Peacock is not included free or discounted with YouTube TV and must be paid for on its own if you want access through YouTube TV.

Is Peacock on YouTube TV?

Peacock does not currently have a live streaming channel on YouTube TV. The Peacock app can be used on streaming devices alongside the YouTube TV app, but the services remain unaffiliated.

Peacock on YouTube TV

As streaming services, Peacock and YouTube TV are not integrated. No Peacock channel or free Peacock subscription is included with YouTube TV at this time.


While having all streaming content consolidated into one interface would be extremely convenient, YouTube TV and Peacock remain independent services for the time being. Cord-cutters will have to sign up and pay for each one separately.

Hopefully they will consider partnership options to bundle the services together and provide added value in the future.

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