YouTube TV Adding a Button for Quickly Switching Channels

As YouTube TV continues to evolve into a leading streaming TV service, it’s picking up helpful features we expect from traditional cable. The latest addition is a dedicated button to switch between the last two channels you were watching quickly.

This new feature aims to replicate the channel +/- buttons on old-school remote controls. No more drilling through menus or channel guides to get back to the show you just flipped from. Now you can channel surf with a simple click.

The new button shortcut has started rolling out to some YouTube TV subscribers. Long pressing the select or OK button allows toggling between your current and previous channels. Early reports show it works on Apple and Google TV devices, with support likely expanding over time.

As more viewers cut the cord, YouTube TV has focused on making the transition from cable as seamless as possible. This latest feature helps long-time cable subscribers feel at home while showcasing how streaming continues to evolve. We’ll keep tracking the rollout status, but let us know in the comments if you’ve discovered the new YouTube TV channel flipping shortcut.

FAQs about the New YouTube TV Channel Switching Shortcut

What devices support the new channel toggling button?

So far it’s been spotted on Apple TV and Google TV devices. Support will likely expand to other platforms over time.

Which button enables channel switching?

On supported devices, long pressing the OK or Select button toggles between the last two channels watched.

Is this available to all YouTube TV users?

No, the new shortcut is slowly rolling out. Check for a popup explaining the feature when watching YouTube TV.

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YouTube TV’s latest feature brings back the simplicity of old-fashioned channel surfing through a dedicated button.

As the service matures, we expect more of these thoughtful touches that make the transition to streaming TV more familiar for long-time cable subscribers.

This change shows that innovation will continue bridging the gap between traditional TV and internet TV.

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