How to Get Longhorn Network On YouTube TV

Do you want to know the steps on how to get Longhorn Network on YouTube TV? don’t worry you are in the right place here you will learn the steps on how you can get Longhorn network on YouTube TV in step by step-by-step guide.

As you know YouTube TV provides streaming service to a wide range of channels for the subscriber of YouTube TV. One of the most popular sports channels is Longhorn Network where many sports are available.

Longhorn channel only covers the University of Texas Longhorn athletic events including Football, Basketball, baseball, and many other sports. If you are a fan of the Texas Longhorns and want to watch the channel and think about how can get the Longhorn network on YouTube TV then definitely this article is for you.

In this article, I will tell you how you can access the Longhorn network on YouTube TV and I mention some frequently asked question and answer that help you to know complete information about this Longhorn network on YouTube TV.

How to Get Longhorn Network On YouTube TV
How to Get Longhorn Network On YouTube TV

So let’s go into the details,

Before going to the steps if you are a beginner on the Longhorn Network then you need to know about Longhorn Network and how it works with YouTube TV.

What is Longhorn Network?

Longhorn Network is a television network dedicated to the athletic programs of the University of Texas at Austin this was Launched on August 26, 2011.

How Longhorn Network Works?

The Longhorn Network is a joint venture network between ESPN and Learfield IMG College. It works based on the subscription model by cable and satellite and now also airs online providers state of Texas.

What kind of content does Longhorn Network Provide?

Longhorn network provides a variety of content such as :

  • Live Game
  • Weekly coaches show
  • Pre and post-game analysis
  • Documentaries
  • Academi and cultural content from the UT Austin campus

Benefits of Watching Longhorn Network:

you can get many benefits from the Longhorn network including:

  • Exclusive content of Longhorn.
  • Athletics in Depth
  • Behind the scenes of Longhorn Athletics

And many other sports.

So, above are some basic details for beginners to know about the Longhorn network. Now I tell you how you can get the Longhorn network on YouTube TV.

How to Get Longhorn Network On YouTube TV

To get Longhorn’s network on YouTube TV, you can use alternative channels like ABC, FOX, ESPN, and CBS network content for connecting on YouTube TV. Follow the below steps to get Longhorn network on Youtube TV using the FOX channel:

  1. First, Go to the Device’s App store of your smart TV.
  2. Then, search the named YouTube TV and install the App.
  3. Now, Open the YouTUbe TV App and Log in to your account using your subscription credentials.
  4. Then, go to the channel section and Find the FOX channel.
  5. Now, select the Longhorn Network on the FOX channel and play it on your device.
  6. After that, you can enjoy streaming all your favorite shows on Longhorn Network on YouTube TV.

Alternatively, you can also watch the Longhorn Network with other streaming services like DIRECTV, Vidgo, Sling TV, and more but the point is search streaming services are paid you need to subscribe before watching the Longhorn Network.

Now let’s clear some frequently asked questions regarding this longhorn network on YouTube TV.

1. How can I get Longhorn Network on YouTube TV?

To get Longhorn Network on YouTube, you need to subscribe to the YouTube TV service then you can watch the streaming Longhorn Network on YouTube TV.

2. Is Longhorn Network available in all regions?

No, the Longhorn network is not available in all regions if you want to watch the Longhorn network then first you need to check is available in your regions or not.

3. How much does YouTube TV cost?

YouTube TV offers a subscription plan for $72.99 per month. The prices may vary from time to time depending on your location and ongoing promotion offers.

4. Can I add Longhorn Network as an add-on to YouTube TV?

No, Longhorn Network is not available on the YouTube TV Add-on subscription plan.

5. Can I watch Longhorn Network on Multiple devices with a single YouTube TV subscription?

Yes, you can watch simultaneously 3 devices with a single subscription.

6. Can I record Longhorn Network shows on YouTube TV?

Yes, You can record not only Longhorn network shows but also YouTube TV play content, YouTube TV allows you to membership record videos, shows, and content and watch when your free time.

7. Can I watch Longhorn Network live on YouTube TV?

Yes, You have the option to view Longhorn Network in real-time on YouTube TV.

8. Does YouTube TV offer a free trial?

Yes, New subscribers to YouTube TV can enjoy a complimentary trial period.

9. Can I cancel YouTube TV anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your YouTube TV subscription at any time.

10. Can I watch Longhorn Network on my cable or satellite TV subscription?

Yes, Longhorn Network can be accessed through specific cable and satellite television service providers.

11. Are there any blackout restrictions for Longhorn Network games on YouTube TV?

Blackout restrictions could be enforced for specific games or events broadcast on Longhorn Network, contingent upon your geographical location.

12. Can I watch Longhorn Network on YouTube TV outside the United States?

No, YouTube TV can be accessed exclusively within the borders of the United States.

13. Is Longhorn Network available in HD on YouTube TV?

Yes, Longhorn Network can be enjoyed in high-definition (HD) on YouTube TV, providing Longhorn fans with an elevated and improved viewing experience.


In conclusion, getting the Longhorn network on YouTube TV is very easy. You just need to check if this Longhorn network is available in your location or not. if available then you can subscribe to YouTube TV and enjoy streaming your favorite content from the Longhorn network.

So friends I have not only provided how you can get Longhorn on YouTube TV but also covered all the topics related to our main topic.

I have tried to help you in every aspect related to Longhorn and YouTube TV and Its features, and benefits also given my opinion.

Keep in touch with our website, so that you can get updated YouTube TV information regular basis.

And please comment below which we have not covered and need to add to this article so that we can add and update that can help more people to know about Longhorn network and YouTube TV.

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