How Much Is YouTube TV For 1 Year? – 2024

As more consumers cut the cord from expensive cable and satellite packages, streaming TV services like YouTube TV have become attractive money-saving alternatives.

With access to live television and a cloud DVR, YouTube TV offers considerable functionality. But how much can you expect to pay in total for a full year of the streaming service?

How Much Is YouTube TV For 1 Year?

The standard monthly cost of YouTube TV in the United States is currently $72.99 as of 2023. Given there are 12 months in a year, signing up for YouTube TV for 12 months would cost a total of $875.88 if the pricing remains the same.

Of course, it’s possible that YouTube TV could see a price increase at some point during the year. They have incrementally raised their pricing almost annually as they negotiate new content deals and add more functionality. However, any potential 2023 hikes should be relatively minor based on past trends.

So if we assume no major price jumps in the next year, most users can reasonably expect to pay somewhere around $875 total through 12 months of YouTube TV access. Compare that to the average annual cable bill of over $1,200 and streaming still offers notable money savings, even as subscription costs slowly rise industry-wide.

While not exactly cheap at nearly $800/year, YouTube TV does provide major value and remains competitively priced against cable. For the latest year-long cost, check their site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does YouTube TV offer any yearly discounted plans?

Unfortunately, YouTube TV does not currently offer any special yearly pricing plans at a discounted rate. The only option is paying month-to-month at $72.99 per month as of 2023.

Can I pay for YouTube TV annually in one lump sum?

No, YouTube TV does not have an annual payment option available yet. Subscriptions can only be paid monthly via your selected online payment method on file, such as a credit card or PayPal.

Could I get YouTube TV for free for a year?

There are no free one-year trials or promotions currently available directly from YouTube TV. If bought at retail, some streaming devices do come with limited-time YouTube TV offers. But there is no way to get a free 12-month YouTube TV membership.

What is the cheapest way to get YouTube TV for a year?

The cheapest legitimate way to access YouTube TV for a year is simply to pay month-by-month at $64.99 per month. Trying to find discounted prepaid YouTube TV codes from unverified third-party sites carries risks and likely violates terms of service.

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While streaming TV services generally offer tremendous savings over traditional pay TV, YouTube TV has seen a slow creep upward in pricing over the past few years. Estimating for 2023, getting 12 months of YouTube TV will cost just under $875 in total.

But you still enjoy complete access to cable channels and unlimited cloud DVR without any lengthy contracts or hidden fees. The flexibility of streaming remains a key benefit versus cable, if not the very cheapest option.

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