Is Peacock part of YouTube TV – 2024

As streaming services continue to proliferate, more and more consumers are cutting the cord and looking to internet-based platforms to get their TV fix.

Two popular options are YouTube TV and Peacock – but are they connected? Can you get Peacock through a YouTube TV subscription?

Is Peacock part of YouTube TV?

The short answer is no: Peacock and YouTube TV remain separate, independent streaming services. YouTube TV does not currently include Peacock in its channel lineup or on-demand library.

So if you’re a YouTube TV subscriber hoping to watch Peacock originals like Girls5eva or The Office, you’re out of luck.

YouTube TV has agreements with most major networks to provide live-streaming access to their channels. This includes heavyweights like ESPN, TNT, CBS, ABC and even NBC. However, the partnership with NBC does not extend to offering its Peacock streaming platform.

So why isn’t Peacock accessible through YouTube TV? It likely comes down to licensing limitations, exclusivity deals, and financial considerations between Comcast (Peacock’s parent company) and YouTube.

Streaming services negotiate complex contracts with networks, so not every platform secures rights to all available programming.

The good news is that you can still subscribe to Peacock separately, even if you have YouTube TV. Peacock offers three tiers of access, including a free one with ads. Paying monthly unlocks more content.

Ultimately, signing up for both services allows you to enjoy NBC shows through YouTube TV while also accessing Peacock exclusives.

As the streaming landscape continues to shift, Peacock and YouTube TV may partner up down the line. But for now, they remain walled off as distinct services – so cord-cutters shouldn’t expect to get everything in one place. The fractured streaming market continues to be a work in progress.

Is Peacock part of YouTube TV
Is Peacock part of YouTube TV?

Can I access Peacock if I have a YouTube TV subscription?

No. currently, no Peacock is included on YouTube TV.

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